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5 Reasons Why Every Staging Plan Should Include Paint!

1 First Impressions are Lasting Impressions: Having a fresh coat of paint throughout the home suggests a well maintained, well cared for home. Chips and scratches on walls leaves the Buyer wondering what else was not taken care of. Having a flawless first impression puts the Buyers mind at ease about further investment after they move in.

2 The Art of Limiting Distraction: Having one neutral colour throughout the entire house allows the staging accessories and pops of colour to guide the Buyer through the home without distraction. If an abrupt colour is used, it causes the Buyer to focus more on whether they ‘like’ that colour, or wonder about why it was used.

3 Let’s Not Get Personal: A neutral colour creates consistency throughout the space. It makes a home appear well thought out, well planned, depersonalizes the space and creates flow. It has been proven that people react emotionally to colour. If they have had a negative experience that they associate with a specific colour this could negatively impact their interest in the property if that colour is used throughout.

4 Focusing on the Fixed Items: You want the buyer to be wowed by the square footage, flow of the space, and beautiful finishes. A clean fresh coat of paint allows the staging plan to be executed to accentuate these key elements that help sell the home. Buyers expect to pay for quality finishes and the staging plan helps accentuate the fixed elements rather than compete with the fixed elements (hardwood, tile, countertops).

5 Inspire the Vision: A clean neutral colour throughout will compliment any type of furniture. It makes it easy for the Buyer to visualize their items in the home. It creates a move-in-ready impression which most Buyers are looking for.

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