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4 Ways to Attract Offers Using the 'S' Factor

1 STYLE - Does your home’s design style need to be unified? Does your home have multiple personalities? Buyers can get distracted if the home has too many design styles. A listed home without a design plan lacks drama and flow. A Staging Professional is trained in telling you what can stay in the space, and what needs to go into storage. We also bring in accessories and artwork that will create a more cohesive flow from room to room. You want the buyer to be invested in the space enough upon first impression to be motivated to view all of the rooms of the property.

Note: Your home’s architecture should determine the style of the furnishings. Home Stagers will choose “transitional” pieces because they will work with almost any architectural style or period and well with existing pieces.

2 SIMPLIFY - Less is always more. Why not remove any clutter before you move? You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to unpack and find a new home for items that are rarely used. Getting rid of unused or tired items will allow you to move with ease into your new space. Most importantly, your current house will feel more spacious and is easier to maintain while on the market.

3 SENSES - Common sources of unpleasant odors are pets, cooking methods (frying and spices), smoking, damp basements, and infants. If you detect a problem, identify the source. – Your Stager will help you set up a strategy to remove any odours your home has.

4 SURPRIZES - Remove carpet in Kitchens and Baths! There is nothing worse than viewing a nice modern home from the exterior and then when viewing the inside you come across carpet, in the wrong rooms. You end up creating a conflicting impression from the beginning which will not go unnoticed by a potential buyer. Eliminate bad surprizes!

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