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Design has been my passion and career for over 20 years.


My story begins with growing up in a family that purchased homes and then divided them up into rental units. I developed an eye for space planning in 3d and 2d, and a passion for interior design and architecture at a young age. 


I applied my ideas every time I could, including staging my parents income properties, and relatives homes for sale (before staging was really a thing). 

Michelle Byrne Pure Staging






one day



– Gabrielle Bernstein

In high school, I found myself drawn to the courses that fueled my ideas, including textiles, commercial art and drafting, which resulted in receiving an interior design/drafting award. With a healthy nudge from teachers, I attended Sheridan College in Oakville for Graphic Design and upon graduation, happily ventured out to the design world full of creative juices, enthusiasm, and determined to learn every aspect of the business.

My career path developed over the years from Junior Designer, to Senior Art Director, to building and leading a Creative Department for Canada and the United States, but in my spare time, I continued to dive into decorating my personal spaces, from rentals, to eventual home ownership where I gutted and redesigned my home from scratch on a modest budget. The passion never waning, I further fueled my obsession by taking an Interior Design course through the City of Mississauga.

I made the decision in 2014 to leave the advertising agency world and start up my own boutique graphic design studio. I knew in my gut that I wanted to target clients who were related to Home design/Real Estate/Home building as this is my passion. This is who I wanted to work with.

I acquired clients such as real estate brokers and agents, home builders, a condo refurbishment company, a home renovation company, radiant floor heating, and a mortgage company.

I targeted and obtained these types of clients…but it still was not enough.

There have been other opportunities that have come to me by some sort of ‘fluke’ over the years: I was contacted out of the blue and asked to act as Creative Director for a Home Staging Magazine; and was recently asked to assist on a photo shoot for a high end condo for West of the City Magazine. These opportunities seemed to fall into my lap. My heart literally beating faster when working on these projects, I was completely energized and enthusiastic about all aspects, whether my contribution was big or small.

Finally listening to that inner voice and transitioning my professional design focus from graphic design/art direction to Home Staging and Redesign has refuelled my creative energy more than I could have imagined. It's an incredible industry to be a part of and I love contributing my passion and skills to help homeowners see a greater return on their investment or to have a home that truly reflects their lifestyle and personality.

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